Photo taken from lower, eastern summit, actual historic site at west summit listed below.

Name: 39-V37-US2133
Latitude: N37°54.360'
Longitude: W119°26.046'
Elevation: 2663m
Location: Glen Aulin
GPS Accuracy: 9m
Direction: 30
Photo Date: 7/27/2008
Time: 9:10am

Vale (1987) Reference: 37
Vale (1994) Reference: print
Photo Year: N/A

No Photo Available

USGS Reference: 2133
Photographer: G.K. Gilbert
Year: 1903

Caption: Yosemite National Park, California. The conical mass against the sky on the left is Mount Dana. Kuna Crest makes the sky line from middle to right. The timbered region on the left is Moraine Flat. The hollow at its right limit contains Tuolumne Meadows, and beyond the meadows is the higher plateau which lies west of Lyell Canyon. The foreground is a region of domes and knobs among which the course of Tuolumne River is betrayed by points of white, as it flows from the foot of the meadows to the lower left corner. View is from a peak west of McGee Lake. 1903. Photos ggk02131, ggk02132, and ggk02133

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Photo Credits: N.Wasserman (2008); Vale & Vale (1994). University of Utah Press; USGS
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