Name: 54-V52-US2063
Latitude: N37°50.809'
Longitude: W119°22.348'
Elevation: 2898m
Location: Elizabeth Lake
GPS Accuracy: 7m
Direction: 210
Photo Date: 8/9/2008
Time: 9:30am


Vale (1987) Reference: 52
Vale (1994) Reference: 37
Photo Year: 1984

USGS Reference: 2063
Photographer: G.K. Gilbert
Year: 1903

Caption: Yosemite National Park, California. Cliff and plain east of Unicorn Pass. The granite is traversed by nearly vertical zones of incipient schistosity which influence sculpture. The pass seen on the right is determined by a broader zone. On the plain are trunks of pine trees which have been brought by avalanches from a cirque on the right. 1903.

Link to original USGS photo:
Photo Credits: N.Wasserman (2008); Vale & Vale (1994). University of Utah Press; USGS
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